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Gold rim steel earring with diamond detail
Gold rim steel earring with diamond detail

Gold rim steel earring with diamond detail

  • Model : JP08348


Wholesale Price: $3.10 $53.00

As far as I am concerned , more and more young people, especially the young girls, are very fond of jewelry with beautiful diamonds. If you are a member of them who love diamonds and like to follow fashion, this earring is the one you should not miss. There are so many tiny diamond inlay in the ribbon that make the wearer shinning everywhere. If you watch it carefully and free your imagination, you will find it looks like a rail that full of twinkling diamonds and that leads to happiness and felicity which everyone looks forward to. It is such a unique jewelry that can easily catch everyone’s eye. The most important thing is that you can buy it and put it in a jewelry box and then sent it to your lover or best friend. Anyone who receive such a present must be very happy and satisfied.

Design origin: Sports,Lover,Bible,legend

Material: Stainless steel

Weather: cool,drifting snow,drizzle,hail

Shape: semicircle

Style: Bohemia Style,Europe style,Ladies Style,Rococo

Match: china-wind,Weapon

Season: Spring,Summer,Winter

Craft: buffing

Suit Crowds: aspiring,Boys,pretty,romantic

Design: blue and white porcelain,Rat charm,Stroboscopic

Craft-work: Cutting

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