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Steel Earrings -- light from darkness
Steel Earrings -- light from darkness

Steel Earrings -- light from darkness

  • Model : JP08350


Wholesale Price: $3.00 $56.00

The earring above is special and is suitable for the modern woman who loves beautiful but not exaggerated earrings. Also, no matter you are at home or at work, you can wear it any time you like. However, have you ever heard the story behind this fine jewelry? If you don’t, let me tell you now.  Long long ago, an artist created a black steel earring, but he wanted to add some meaningful symbol on it. As a result, he added two shinning steel strips on the black surface, which means that light will emerge from darkness. The meaning of this handcrafted jewelry tells us that we can’t lose heart even in a hard time when we face many difficulties.  Not only does its special looking will attract many young people, but also its meaning suggesting light emerging from darkness will cheer anyone who owns it. Although you can find other more beautiful jewelry patterns, the earrings with special looking and meaning can’t be easily found anywhere.

Design origin: Sports,Lover,Bible,legend

Style: Contemporary,Gentleman Style,natural,South Asia style

Match: china-wind,fairy tale

Season: Spring,Summer,Winter

Shape: ring

Design: blue and white porcelain,Grape,spicy girl

Craft: buffing

Suit Crowds: attractive,Boys,brave,brilliant

Craft-work: Plating

Weather: drifting snow,Its foggy,light rain,Overcast sky

Material: Stainless steel

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