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Steel Earrings -- tear of happiness
Steel Earrings -- tear of happiness

Steel Earrings -- tear of happiness

  • Origin : China Dongguan
  • Model : JP08351


Wholesale Price: $3.00 $61.00

Look at this golden magnetic jewelry carefully and you will find it looks more and more charming. Golden as it is, it shows a Queen’s style which can catch everyone’s eye. In addition, it is solid enough to protect itself from outside damages.
What’s more,the earring is special lies in the twinkling inlay bur which has been once said to be the tear of happiness. It is said that the on this earring has a special power to make its owner feel happy. So, this earring not only is fashion jewelry, but also conveys best wishes to you. Although it is not made out of expensive material like gold and Platinum, it can make you look more attractive and bring you happiness and good luck.
By the way, it is suitable for you to wear it to go to work or take part in the party, so you don’t have to worry how to match it to your clothes. Take a fancy to it and then take it home, don’t leave it lie in the charm jewelry shop.

Weather: Clear day,cool,drifting snow,drizzle

Style: Garden Style,Gentleman Style,natural,noble

Shape: ring

Match: china-wind,Heart

Season: Spring,Summer,Winter

Design: Chinese charm,Magnificent,Tranquility,Trend

Craft: buffing

Suit Crowds: aspiring,brave,romantic

Craft-work: Plating

Design origin: Sports,Lover,Musical instrument,Bible

Material: Stainless steel

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