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Pure black plain Steel Earrings
Pure black plain Steel Earrings

Pure black plain Steel Earrings

  • Model : JP08347


Wholesale Price: $2.80 $63.00

When you first see the earring, maybe you will have a feeling that it must be the most common one in the jewelry shop. But the first impression isn’t alwals right. The earring is pure black, which expresses a mysterious feeling that those colorful earrings without. In addition, due to its black color, no matter what kind of clothes you wear, it can fit you and can easily match the style of your clothes. What’s more, being one kind of cheap jewelry, it also has good looking and unexceptionable quality.Because of its simple and plain style,the person wearing the earrings may be regarded as a special person that won’t follow the trend blindly Without other decorative material on it surface, it’s a plain but magical jewelry design that can make you a extraordinary person who has his or her own sensitive sense of fashion which is so different from others’.

Weather: cool,drifting snow,drizzle,hail

Design origin: Faith,Sports,Lover,legend

Shape: semicircle

Style: fashionable,Modern,National Style,smart

Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer

Match: fairy tale,Faith,Heart,Jesus

Design: blue and white porcelain,Grape,Stroboscopic

Craft: buffing

Suit Crowds: attractive,Boys,brave,romantic

Craft-work: Plating

Material: Stainless steel

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