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Steel Earrings with inlay dragon mascot detail
Steel Earrings with inlay dragon mascot detail

Steel Earrings with inlay dragon mascot detail

  • Model : JP08346


Wholesale Price: $3.10 $64.00

Being one of the charm jewelry, this kind of earrings looks so cool that most people who like to follow the fashion trend will love it at the first sight. There is a vivid dragon pattern inlay in each earring,which highlight the whole earring and make the earring so special. What is more, as is known to all,the dragon has been regarded as the mascot in China from the ancient time to the modern time which symbolizes good luck and fortune. So, if you choose it as your precious jewelry, it may bring you good things that will make you feel very surprised. Also, being the steel jewelry ,It is solid enough to be kept for a long time. What’s more, you don't have to worry about the cleaning, as the black color is durable and the material is rust-resistant. Grab the rings to experience the cool feeling,you will like it!

Weather: cool,drifting snow,drizzle

Style: classic,extravagant,Fashion,fashionable,Simplicity

Shape: ring

Season: Spring,Summer,Winter

Match: Faith,Heart,Lover

Craft: buffing

Design: bikini,blue and white porcelain,Chinese charm,spicy girl,Stroboscopic

Suit Crowds: ambitious,brave,brilliant,cheerful,popular

Craft-work: Laser

Design origin: Faith,Sports,Lover,Weapon

Material: Stainless steel

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