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Beinga China stainless steel jewelry manufacturer and Jewelry wholesaler specializedin Stainless steel jewelry & Titanium jewelry& Tungsten jewelry, Suchas stainless steel Bracelet, stainless steel Bangle, stainless steel Ring,stainless steel Earring, stainless steel Pendants, stainless steel Necklaces,stainless steel Cufflinks, etc. Until now, we have a larger Merchandise totalmore than 8000 styles, normally every Weeks several new styles will be offered!

Dueto Kayier jewelry extensive expertise in manufacturing and design, one of itsmain strengths is the ability to provide new style of product that exactly meettheir customers requirements immediately. Quality is the mainstay of Kayierjewelry wholesale. We insists that every product meets the moststringent quality requirements and is dedicated to obtaining 100% customersatisfaction through best service.

Themission statement of the company is simply provide quality and newly productswhich enable our customers to succeed in the fiercest market conditions. Assuch all customers are partners to Kayier jewelry and in dealing with the companyyou will find a strong and committed team.

OurJewels Corp own advanced equipment of heat-treatment, Electro plating,pressing,precise mold and Assembling Lines, ect.

Ourproducts are mainly exported to America ,Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia,Australia etc. Our main goal and promise to customers is to provide a uniqueselection of the finest stainless steel, titanium and tungsten jewelry to everybuyer which is practical to wear every day with simple yet elegant &stylish design.

Stainlesssteel and titanium and tungsten are the new standard used in fine jewelry. Weare always offering best quality products within the affordable price and greatdiscounts; therefore, customers will surely find us one of the trustworthysellers if they are looking for the elegance, durability and uniqueness instainless steel, titanium and tungsten jewelry.

Weare very pleased to present the finest 316L stainless steel and titaniumjewelry at reasonable prices, and excellent service. If you have any questionsor comment, please email us at salesjewelryonline@gmail.com.Thank you for your interest!

FactoryAdd: ShangSha Second Industrial Zone, No.23 ChuangXing Road, ChangAn Town,DongGuan, China.

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